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How to get there?
Iceland is easily accessable by air. During winter, Icelandic airlines have regular flights from major cities in both North-America and Europe. During summer, you will find flights from even more cities and with other airlines as well. Coming to Iceland is not a problem, and it shouldn’t take too long either.
Check out www.icelandair.is. For other airlines coming to Iceland, check out the flight schedules at this website: b2b.kefairport.is
You can also come by sea, by a car-ferry from Denmark. Check out www.smyrilline.com.
Once in Iceland, you can choose to go directly to Úlfljótsvatn (less than 2 hours from the airport) or to spend some time in the capital Reykjavik first. From the airport you can rent a car, take the Flybus  or we can arrange for a pickup by coach. Be aware that the nearest shop to Úlfljótsvatn is
in Selfoss, about a 20 minute drive away. There is no public transport running to or from Úlfljótsvatn.



Our Location

Úlfljótsvatn is located 20 minutes from the national park Þingvellir
Booking your group’s trip to Úlfljótsvatn is simple. The center staff can assist you in customizing your tour, or you can use one of our ready-made packages. For booking, please contact ulfljotsvatn@skatar.is

To make sure you can reserve the time that best suits you, it’s advised to make the booking as soon as possible.

  1. Make a provisional booking for accommodation or camping

Reserve accommodation or camping for specific dates.

  1. Confirm booking with deposit

From the time the provisional booking is made, you have four weeks to confirm the booking by paying a deposit*.

If the deposit is not made within the given time, we consider the provisional booking to have been cancelled.

  1. Book program, meals, transfers and tours

After the deposit has been made, you will receive a booking form for meals, tours, coach transfers and program activities.  This should be returned no later than May 1st, and soon after you will receive your itinerary. Keep in mind that full board is always included in indoor accommodation.

  1. Pay final balance

The final balance is due no later than May 1st your visiting year. This includes all fees for camping/indoor accommodation, meals, tours, program, coach transfers and other services. Should payment not be made within the given time, a 5% late-fee is added to all items on the invoice. 


Our policy is that the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance is refundable up to March 1st the visiting year. 50% is refundable up to 8 weeks before arrival. 4-8 weeks before arrival 25% is refundable. After the point of 4 weeks before arrival, we do not issue refunds. This applies to cancellation in full, cancellation of individual booked items (tours, catering, activities etc.) and a decrease in number of guests. After May 1st, a fee may be added for any changes made to the booking.

Allergies/dietary needs/other needs

If any participants in your group have food allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know at the time you order catering for the group. If an allergy is potentially life threatening, please clarify and discuss what measures your group has taken (i.e. medicine, training etc.). Finally, if any member of your group has other needs that you feel you might want to discuss with us such as mobility, do not hesitate to contact us at ulfljotsvatn@skatar.is.