Camp Iceland 2017

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[PLEASE NOTE: “Camp Iceland 2017” is a six day planned event. We are also open to groups all other weeks of the year. Please check our Program and Service Guide for custom group travel.]

We will do this again next year! The dates are July 20-26 2018 and we are already looking forward to it! The 2018 event will be named “Camp White Nights”.

Are you a Scout or a Guide? Have you always wanted to visit Iceland but never had a great chance to do so? Well, here it is – Camp Iceland 2017 offers Scouts and Guides to visit Iceland as individuals (or in a group of any size), take part in a camp with international Scouts and Guides and experience the best of Iceland. You can come by yourself, in a small group, in a big group or even bring your family! Dates are August 11th to 16th 2017.

Registration has opened – e-mail to get information.

What is it?
A 6 day camp at the northernmost national Scout Center in the world. The first three days will be dedicated to camp life, with on-site activities and campfires. The next three days you will be able to choose from a selection of off-site tours and excursions.

IMG_5270Who’s it for?
Scouts and Guides from the age of 10 can attend the camp. You can come by yourself, with a few friends, a group or even with your parents. Scouts and Guides under the age of 18 must attend with either a leader or parent.

How much is it?
Camp fee is ISK 34 000 per person (aprox. 260 Euros/290 USD*). Included is campsite fee, 4 ready made meals per day, on-site program and transportation to and from Selfoss (nearest town) before and after the camp. Camp fee payment is due July 1st 2017.

Where will I sleep?
In your tent. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent from the Scout Center. For information on gear rental, please write to

Will I meet Icelanders?
Icelandic scouts will take part in the main camp. Icelanders are quite rare, so you might want to bring a camera!

More about the participants and registration:
sólhestarAll Scouts and Guides, age 10 and up, can attend the camp. A participant must belong to a national Scouting or Guiding association OR be a parent/family member of such a participant that is ALSO attending the camp with the SAME group.
Participants can attend as individuals or together as a group. Participants under the age of 18 MUST register with either an adult leader (18 or older) or a parent.

Registration has opened – e-mail to get information


More about the program:
Camp Iceland 2017 starts Agust 11th with a three day camp at Ulfljotsvatn Outdoor and Scout Center, where participants will meet other Scouts and Guides and take part in a some on-site activities. There will be campfires, games to get to know each other as well as some of the selected highlights of Ulfljotsvatn’s program activities.

August 14th, 15th and 16th are excursion days. You can choose from a selection of off-site excursions for each of these days.
Please note: These excursions are NOT included in your camp fee.
Excursion fee covers activities, instructors/guides, gear rental and transportation (depending on activity). No extra cost should apply.

Excursions available are:
Rafting -River Fun 30• Hiking trail. A great hike into the mountains, including the chance to bathe in a natural hot river. It doesn’t get more Iceland than this! A great hike for experienced hikers, but physically demanding. Group leaders should be in good physical shape and have mountain experience. Distance: 18 km/12 miles. Difficulty level: Moderate/Challenging.
Price pr. person: ISK 5400 (41 Euro/46 USD*)

• Sólheimajökull Glacier Walk. One of our most popular program offers. Easy and safe hike on white and blue ice with a professional glacier guide. Minimum age 10.
Price pr. person: ISK 19 800 (152 Euros/169 USD*)

• White Water River Rafting. A fun and very popular tour! White water river rafting with a mix of serene canyons and exciting rapids. Difficulty level: 2+ out of 5. Minimum age 12.
Price pr. person: ISK 19 000 (146 Euros/162 USD*)

• Snorkeling in Silfra. Snorkel in Silfra fissure in Þingvellir national park, the site of the world’s oldest parliament and the spreading boundary of two tectonic plates. Difficulty level: 2 out of 5. Minimum age 16 years/150 cm tall.
Price pr. pers: ISK 16 300 (125 Euros/139 USD*)

• The Golden Circle Tour. One of our most popular tours! The essence of Iceland: Natural wonders like Geysir the geyser, the majestic waterfall Gullfoss and the historic Þingvellir.
Price pr. person: ISK 10 000 (77 Euros/86 USD*)

052• Caving and Fontana Baths. Exciting visit to the 9000 year old, 364 m long lava tube, coupled with a relaxing visit to Fontana Geothermal Baths.
Pr. person: ISK 11 400 (87 Euros/97 USD*)

• Horseriding. Half day tour. A perfect introduction to the comfortably sized, five gait Icelandic horse. A riding tour you are sure to remember!
Pr. person: ISK 9 500 (73 Euros/81 USD*)

• Volcanic Wonders by Bus. A geology themed bus tour with emphasis on volcanoes, craters, lava flow, geothermal areas and the spreading boundary of two tectonic plates. Includes up to 3 km walk as part of tour.
Price pr. person: ISK 10 400 (80 Euros/89 USD*)

Please note: The camp will start in the afternoon of August 11th and end in the afternoon of the 16th. As August 16th is also the third excursion day your flight times (along with local bus schedules, see and may require you to spend an extra night if you want to make the most of all three excursion days. No extra cost applies for camping an extra night before or/and after the camp, but extra meals will be available for purchase.
First meal included in the camp is dinner on the 11th and the last meal is dinner on the 16th.

More about the location:
Iceland has become an extremely popular destination in the last few years, owing largely to the extremely versatile nature of the country, but also the friendly inhabitants. Iceland has repeatedly scored 1st place as the safest country on Earth.
With very low crime rate, clean air, clean water (you can drink from most rivers and lakes), no large predators, no snakes, no venomous insects or mosquitos, Iceland is the ideal Scout and Guide destination.

IMG_5372Ulfljotsvatn Outdoor and Scout Center is the only Scout Activity Center in Iceland. It is also the site of big events like National Scout Jamborees, Roverway 2009 and in 2017 the World Scout Moot will have it’s base at Ulfljotsvatn.

Founded in 1941 as the site for a Scout Summer Camp, Ulfljotsvatn now serves Scouts, Guides, Schools and the general public in a variety of ways with emphasis on the outdoors. Ulfljotsvatn Outdoor and Scout Center is owned and run by the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association and the Reykjavik Scout Association.

For more information, please contact

Ulfljotsatn Outdoor and Scout Center is open 12 months of the year. “Camp Iceland 2017” is a planned six day event in August, specially made for smaller groups and individuals that would like to have the full Ulfljotsvatn experience but at the same low cost as big groups enjoy.
Outside that event, our program activities and excursions are run on group-basis by demand (and advance booking). In contrast to centers with walk-in activities, Ulfljotsvatn offers a custom made itinerary based on each group’s request.
Much of the program we offer takes place off-site (i.e. glacier walking, river rafting, snorkeling, sightseeing, etc.), so transportation is a considerable part of the cost. This means that bigger groups will always travel more economically, while smaller groups have considerably higher cost. This is the difference that “Camp Iceland 2017” aims to even out.

(*According to currency exchange rate on August 30th 2016. Please note that exchange rate varies from day to day and the permanent number is the ISK price.)